A New Website and Other Challenges

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Welcome to my revised website and the host of my blog Write to Survive. Please check the RSS feed icon to receive new posts automatically.

Designing a new website was one of many challenges in my life since Say It Out Loud evolved from a dream to a reality, and most of the challenges came with a steep learning curve.

Embarking on my own healing journey, having a vision to share my story in the form of a book and beginning the writing process was the start. That led to learning the how-tos of getting published, which should have awarded me a second master’s degree for all the learning involved. Once I secured a publishing contract with She Writes Press I thought I was cruising. Working with an editor, collaboratively deciding on a cover and BOOM done!

That’s not exactly how it goes. Whether you self-publish, traditionally publish or partnership publish, as I did, you have to promote your book.  Promotion 101 became my next challenge. The most obvious way to promote a book is through social media: blogging, tweeting, and posting on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. Although I’ve had a blog for several years, there was more to learn. For example, I never added pictures to my posts, mostly because I was a techno failure. (The only D I ever got in college was in Audio Visual Aids, a required course for teachers back in the day.)  However, you can’t add a post to Pinterest unless you add a picture so…anyone notice my posts all have pictures now?

In addition to social media, promotion includes having a Book Launch, book signings, speaking engagements and interviews. Fortunately I don’t mind speaking in front of others, I actually enjoy it. But preparation is the key to successful speaking and that takes time.

Speaking at the Meriden Public Library on Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

Speaking at the Meriden Public Library on Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

As I muddle through Promotion 101, striving for a C or better, I often pause to reflect on why I’m taking this “course.” It’s because I chose a course. I chose to break my silence and face my demons head on. I chose to share my healing journey in a book. And now I choose to share the process by engaging audiences in a conversation on healing, the power of saying it out loud and how we can prevent child sexual abuse. I look forward to Saying It Out Loud to book clubs, parent and teacher organizations, church groups and others as the next step on my journey to healing the scars of sexual abuse. Now the challenge is making those connections. Please click on the SEMINARS button for more details.

Before signing off I want to fess up. I did NOT take a course in web design. That was one challenge I wasn’t willing to tackle alone. When I realized I needed to redesign my website I hired the very talented Justin Coleman. He is the most patient, flexible and prompt person you could work with. I hope you take time to enjoy the site and continue following my blog, Write to Survive.



  1. Karen Z |

    Well done, Roberta! Your site is so visually pleasing and so easy to navigate. I’ve reread everything. You have shown so much courage throughout this difficult journey and your willingness to share will benefit so many. We stand on your shoulders.

  2. Tim |

    Roberta what you have accomplished is absolutely amazing. You have worked so long and hard to help others….143

  3. Kathy |

    I purchased your book when you were at The Green in Litchfield, CT. Your “tent-mate” Fern told me about your book and knew I was supposed to read it. I had a nearly identical journey to yours, but not too many people know about it. I had no idea until I read your book, that I was “so close to the edge” during the process. Unfortunately for me I was also in an abusive marriage at the same time, so I was really riding the rim of danger. I sought the help of a therapist as well as a good friend. I did come through all of it by “putting my big girl pants on” and taking the necessary steps. I found strengths that I did not know I had. Strengths that others kept telling me I had, but at the time, I had no idea of what they were talking about. I still have many memories that people just should never have to live with, but it is in the past. I have never written to an author before and I naturally have read other books on the topic. Your book resonated with me and left a lasting impression. Thank you for stepping up and helping other people.