A Thanksgiving Thought

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It is Thanksgiving morning. The house is quiet, albeit needing a bit of picking up, and the food is all prepped. I decided I have time to share a Thanksgiving post before the festivities begin.

This has been a good year for me personally. I feel stronger and happier than I ever have since I started my healing journey. I have so much to be thankful for. Others have had a very difficult year. So many have been unemployed, families have loved ones in the military, and there are those battling illness and grieving a loss. My heart will always pine for the people silently suffering with mental anguish. For millions of people with heavy burdens it is a difficult time to give thanks.

My thoughts, as I have been shopping, cooking and enjoying getting ready for the holiday, have been about what we have and not what we wish for. For those of us who are not suffering a serious hardship, don’t we still spend energy on thinking about our wishes for more? Wanting a new car, more money, more time, a better job, bigger home, nicer clothes, a partner in life, for our children to be settled…I could go on for pages with the things we want.

It’s human to want for more and sometimes that desire is how we advance and improve our lives. My point is this;

For as many ‘wants’ as you can list I bet you can list that many and more ‘haves’.

Today is a day to think about what we have; food, shelter, things, and for me the most important—the people in my life. People that I love, people who love me. I can want for more, but what I have is a blessing greater than anything I could want for.

Take a moment today, this week, hopefully every day, and think about your ‘haves’. For most of us, whose lives are relatively settled, it will make us realize how fortunate we are. For those suffering a hardship, thinking about your blessings will not minimize your burdens; it will give you more strength and peace to go on.

It is a day for ‘haves’ and not ‘wants’ a day to feel blessed because in some way we are all blessed, a day for Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! You are all on my list of ‘haves.’ Thank you for reading and sharing my thoughts, Roberta

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