An Inspirational Book

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My very first blog post was on September 11, 2009. In that post I wrote, “Serious writing started for me with keeping personal journals. The journals have evolved into the writing of my first book.”

That was almost three years ago. Several posts since then, especially the first year, were about my highs and lows Ilearning about the publishing process, social media and book proposals. Then about writing and submitting a proposal and the devastation of that first rejection.

The exciting news this summer is that my book, Say it Out Loud: Revealing and Healing the Scars of Sexual Abuse, is finished! I’ve edited as much as I possibly can and will have a fresh set of eyes read it in the next few weeks.

It has really been a six year process for me. There were many breaks and projects in-between writing. Some were necessary for emotional reasons.  Writing about your journey healing from a childhood of sexual abuse is draining. Other breaks were to write a book proposal, design a website, start a Writer’s Network, etc. And then there’s life. Sometimes it just didn’t allow me the concentration to write.

Well all of that is behind me now. When I reread the book I was pleasantly surprised. It is so much more than what it started out to be. I really thought I was sharing strategies to help victims and their families cope with the process of healing. I did accomplish that but as I read I saw something else. I saw a woman expose her very private thoughts and feelings as she went through her journey to heal. And I saw her evolve into someone who is whole and strong and able to embrace every bit of her life.

I will no longer consider this book a book of strategies. It is an inspirational story of healing and the strategies that allowed that healing to occur are the pieces that others can take with them and apply to their lives. Whether it is overcoming sexual abuse, grief or tragedy the strategies can make anyone’s journey easier.

We are strong people even when we don’t feel strong. We may have to work at it, believe in ourselves, allow others to help us but we can make it to a better place. I made it! And now I am so anxious to share my story with others.

Stay tuned. It will be awhile but I am on the road to getting this book in print. In the mean time remember…

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over it became a butterfly.



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