Getting It Right the First Time

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How often have you stressed about something because you misunderstood what you heard? If you’re upset about something you were told – ask questions – clarify – be sure you understand. Communicating thoughts and feelings is complicated. We don’t always get it right the first time. This was my post on Facebook recently. The thought


The Consequence of Silence

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Yesterday the chaos in our country took another turn. We stayed glued to the news, shocked at the tragic event in San Bernardino, a city with little or no connection to most. Tonight the victims of the tragedy were revealed, names and faces followed by stories of wives, partners and children left behind. Instantly the names and


What Are Your Favorite Leftovers?

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In addition to Black Friday, the hottest topic the day after Thanksgiving is Leftovers. You know, the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, sweet potatoes, corn casserole and pie, pie and more pie! Where do you put them? When will you eat them? Who can you invite over so you don’t eat them all? and How soon can


National Literacy Month: Take the Challenge; Write a Letter

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September is recognized as National Literacy Month. What better time to talk about the power of the written word. From famous quotes, classic novels, poems and important documents the written word preserves creativity, history and progress. I’m a lover of words and quotes. I even share my favorite words in a monthly article, Sharing Words with Friends


Heeding Advice from Your “Best Friend”

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In June I began writing a monthly article for Ann Quasman’s Woman Talk Live. Her site is one of my favorites–an online community designed “To give women everywhere a bigger voice and a platform for growing, celebrating and living more fully.” The topics in Ann’s Conscious Conversations often hit home and aren’t always an easy hit but


Mental Illness: A Call to Respond

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My plan was to write a light, upbeat post this week. Something to distract from the ever present doom and gloom of the media. You’re probably thinking Great! I need something uplifting! Well, I may disappoint you. There’s a topic that won’t leave my thoughts. Mental Illness The latest shooting spree in South Carolina, 9 people


Dissecting the Duggar Family: A Lesson in Child Sexual Abuse

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Slip back in time. You’re sitting in your high school biology class. The boys are waiting excitedly for the teacher to come out from the back room, most of the girls are squeamish and giggling –I’m not touching it! The long awaited–or dreaded–class is here, when each lab table receives a preserved frog to dissect. Today I’m


Even Wonder Woman Needs a Respite

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Say It Out Loud /Chapter 4: Creating a Respite The word respite is defined as a usually short interval of rest or relief. In the context of this book, a respite is a brief time when your mind is not embedded in thoughts of abuse, treatment, and emotional pain and life resembles normalcy.             The