Don’t Ever Give Up

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In today’s post I’m reporting on some long awaited progress with my book, Say it Out Loud: Revealing and Healing the Scars of Sexual Abuse. There is a message in all of this that I’ll share at the end.

For those who are new to my blog here’s a bit of backstory:

2007 – Retired from teaching to devote my time to writing the book and working to help other survivors.

2008 – Wrote, and adjusted to being a retiree.

2009 – Wrote, and founded the Writer’s Network seeking camaraderie and support. Writing is a lonely endeavor.

2010 – Spent most of the year educating myself on, and then writing, a book proposal. I submitted it to agents and publishers who either returned a form letter of rejection or ignored me completely.

2011 – Wrote, and learned about changes in the publishing industry and the benefits of self-publishing.

2012 – Completed the book, hired a professional editor and researched a hybrid press that caught my interest…now I need to catch theirs.

2013 – Sent a summary of the book, author bio and the first 20 pages to She Writes Press. In two weeks they will let me know if they are interested.

In the months that filled those six years, my writing happened in waves of productivity and idleness. Looking back, I believe the distractions were built in respites from the emotional task of putting my healing journey on paper. I still focused on issues surrounding abuse—mostly designing and presenting seminars, but it was not as draining as writing my story.

Now that it’s finished, edited and on the road to being published I am at peace. The rollercoaster of decisions, doubt, rejections and regurgitating the pain are behind me. I am confident in my decision to expose my journey. I’m secure in knowing my writing is worthy of being published and most important—I believe in myself.

My message to you? The process towards reaching any goal will have highs and lows. It may have gaps and distractions. Don’t let that stop you. Keep that little light shining in your heart until the day comes when your goal is achieved and the light, that flickered many times, illuminates you!

It is worth it, I know, Roberta


  1. Virginia Llorca |

    The steps to publishing through Kindle or Smashwords are not daunting. They are hand holders. Especially Smashwords. And Kindle has a paper back print on demand division called CreateSpace that I have not used, but I have never heard a negative word about them. They have a no up front cost option which would be a necessity for me. I believe Book Baby also offers that option now.

  2. Roberta Dolan |

    Thank you Virginia, all good tips. Fortunately I did get accepted by She Writes Press and am very pleased with them. My book will be released in October. It is great that there are options out there for writers.