Education: The Key to Ending Child Sexual Abuse

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For the past year I have been developing workshops and talks around the topic of sexual abuse and healing. Getting recognized through speaking engagements is a great way to enhance a platform for non-fiction writers. That has been one of my motivations. The other, my primary motivation, is to attract opportunities to spread the word that:

  • Survivors of sexual abuse can heal
  • Strategies can help in the healing process
  • Education equips loved ones to help survivors

I have a complete repertoire of talks aimed at survivors and their families, educators and therapists. For a  list of topics and their descriptions visit my Speaking Engagements page.

A few months ago I came across a non-profit organization called Stop It Now! Since 1992 the organization has been educating parents and child care providers as well as offering resources and confidential online help for those who suspect a child is being abused. They are founded on the belief that “Together we can prevent child sexual abuse” and the way to do that is through education.

I loved everything that Stop it Now stands for.  I realized that their program and my goals, to break the silence and end sexual abuse, are a perfect fit. My latest endeavor has been designing a presentation combining the information offered by Stop It Now and my personal experience as a survivor of child sexual abuse. The presentation has been well receive and I am excited about future engagements.

This presentation is for parents, teachers and child care providers. Participants learn:

  • What is considered child sexual abuse
  • The symptoms of abuse
  • Signs to watch for in adults who are around children
  • How to develop a family safety plan

In conversations with parents, I’ve quickly learned that no one wants to talk about child sexual abuse. But if we stick our heads in the sand we are giving the power to the perpetrators. I say let’s give the power to the people who can best protect children!

If you belong to a parent/teacher organization, are an educator or child care provider or perhaps a member of a church, please share with them what I do. I can be reached at I would love to speak to your group and spread the word ~

Together we can prevent child sexual abuse!


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