Goldilocks Didn’t Settle. Why Would You?

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A recent set of events has left me thinking about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. You know the fairy tale–Papa Bear’s porridge was too hot, Mama Bear’s was too cold but Baby Bear’s porridge was just right!

In search of a church for the winter months, Tim and I found three in our area. The first, an old stone church with stained glass windows, was visually appealing but that was about it. Like the structure, the service was too old and extremely traditional. And the parishioners, well let’s just say they mimicked the structure and service.

The second church we attended was just the opposite. The contemporary building and music were okay. It was the minister who preached as though he were giving a sales pitch, white board and all, that made us think too cold!

Last week we attended the service at a third church and I’m happy to report it was just right. Somewhat traditional, nice music and a female minister with a sense of humor and spunk.

This got me thinking about the number of times in life we settle for “too hot” or “too cold.” It could be in a relationship, job, residence, or any of the smaller choices we make throughout our lifetime. Sometimes we settle because its the easier thing to do. “I hate my job but it will be so much work to write that resume and apply for something better.”  “I know I could be happier with someone else but this boyfriend is good to me and has a steady job.”  Or, “We don’t get along with our neighbors, the traffic here is terrible but the thought of finding another house, packing and moving is overwhelming.”

I could go on with examples and I’m guessing you could add a few. So why do we settle? The inconvenience? Change is difficult? The older I get the more  I stop and think: I have one life to live, why would I want to settle for “too hot” or “too cold” when I can have just right? It may be inconvenient for awhile or cause temporary stress but the end result will be living a life of contentment and joy.

I know I’m a bit late for my New Year’s resolution but here it is:  I’m going to be more like Goldilocks! I’m going to reflect on the places in my life where I’ve settled for “too hot” or “too cold” and I’m going to find my just right!

Are you ready to join me? Live your life to the fullest, take the risk to change and find your “just rights.”

You are worth it!  Roberta aka Goldie

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  1. Sandy |

    Love it Roberta! At this stage of the game “just right” is the only place we should settle!