Happy Birthday to Me!

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Birthday CandlesI’m going to write a brief post today because I have a busy day ahead. Today, September 2, is my birthday. After a certain age most people, well at least most women, don’t like to advertise their birthdays. Today I’d like to share it with the world and thanks to social media I can.

Why? Because it is the happiest birthday I have ever celebrated.

Today I feel the power of being healed from a horrific past. I can honestly say it is in my past. There will be bumps in the road, but I also know the strength I have from facing my demons and moving on.

Today I feel the pride of one who has set a lofty goal and achieved it. A copy of Say It Out Loud is sitting right here on my desk.  Of course I can’t for others to read it, but just seeing a completed, printed copy moves me to tears.

Today I feel an amazing, undying, love from my husband. He has been my rock and my savior and now we are able to enjoy our love and laughter on a whole new level.

Today I feel joyful. Joyful because in three days our daughter is going to marry the man of her dreams. He is kind, loving, funny and someone we adore. I had no idea how deeply special the feelings are when your child marries. Magical.

So, it isn’t hard to understand why today is the Happiest Birthday of my life. I am grateful,  blessed, and had to share it with the world! Roberta


  1. Pam francini |

    Reading this brings tears to my eyes. So very happy to know of ur joy, and so proud and in awe of this great accomplishment! Well done Roberta!


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