It’s Time to Throw Out the Leftovers

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What does your refrigerator look like? For those who cooked Thanksgiving dinner it was probably packed with leftovers that night . Even if you were a guest, most of you went home with a few containers from the hostess. Over the weekend you dragged the containers out for a second meal with all the trimmings and made turkey sandwiches for a late night snack. Who could throw away that last bit of stuffing, or a bite of grandma’s corn casserole? So back in the fridge they go. Today, when you open the door and see all the containers with less than one serving of dried up food and a piece of pumpkin pie whose cream topping is cracked, you know it’s time to throw out the leftovers and start  fresh.

I suggest you take this time, before our next big holiday, to throw out a few other leftovers. Ones that you won’t find in your fridge. They are the leftover burdens that weigh on your mind and heart. Is there an unresolved issue you’ve been wanting to deal with but haven’t had the courage or time? A project in your home or at work that sits on your mind but gets pushed aside? Someone you know you should call or visit but never get to it? You know the kind of leftovers I mean. The little things that should get done and when they don’t they gnaw away at you.

In the next few weeks find a quiet place to sit and  reflect on the things that are holding you back, that feel like a weight on your shoulders, the  burdens that could be lifted with one small action. Wouldn’t it be great to have a clear heart and mind for the holidays and new year?

Find a quiet place, reflect, and get a fresh start.


This week I’m going to visit my ninety-year-old friend at the nursing home with her long awaited copy of my book. I hope to make a lunch date with a fellow survivor whom I find difficult to talk to, but seeks my advise. I also need to clear the air with a family member who doesn’t even realize she’s upset me.

There will always be burdens, tasks, or difficult conversations that we need to address but by making a conscious effort to clear out the old your burdens will be lighter making room to truly enjoy the good in your life.

What leftovers are you going to throw out? What steps can you take to enjoy the holidays and a fresh start to the new year? I’d love to hear from you. Happy tossing! Roberta

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