Lessons From a Lifelong Learner

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I claim to be a lifelong learner, a trait most teachers share. I love learning something new and sharing that knowledge with others. If you’ve been following my blog you’re probably saying, “we get that about you Roberta!” Well, please bare with me while I share two lessons learned since my last post.

In “Lemons to Lemonade” I wrote about the official book launch on October 8, 2014. Since then life has been a whirlwind of writing and speaking about Say It Out Loud. From an event in NYC with fellow She Writes Press authors, to three days of speaking to high school students, along with writing an article for Everyday Health, a radio interview on MyND Talk Radio and more. All wonderful opportunities to share my message and promote my book AND wonderful opportunities to learn about myself.

Lesson I: Creating a Respite is a useful strategy throughout life.BlogImages

The strategy in the book, Creating a Respite, doesn’t solely apply to healing. After what seemed to be nonstop talking about my life, my book and why I chose to Say It Out Loud, I needed a respite. No matter how well my emotional scars have healed, talking about the process was draining. This didn’t mean I should stop talking. It meant I needed to create a respite that allowed me to refuel. I created my respite in two ways. First, a day away with my husband, starting with a couples massage at the amazing Spa of Essex followed by dinner, wine and decadent desserts. The following week I spent time with my daughter ending the day at a yoga class. Namaste! Both activities took my mind away from my story, allowing me to re-energize for the events to come.

Before a book gets published, writers take on the arduous responsibility of completing the book, searching publishing options, editing, convincing others that it is worthy, accepting rejections, pushing forward, making decisions on covers, marketing strategies…you get the point. The book becomes your baby and just as with raising children, it is a full time job.

Lesson II: Visualization is a useful strategy throughout life.  Blogimages2

In this post-publication phase I found I needed  to revisit another strategy – Visualization. When I began to panic about reviews, sales, and how I’m going to get this book out there I visualized Say It Out Loud flying off into the universe. I imagined it landing into the hands of those who need hope, guidance, and inspiration. What I received in return was much needed patience. We live in a world that demands immediate gratification but most often it is hard work followed by patience that gets results. Patience doesn’t come naturally for me. Visualization was a great strategy to obtain it.

So how do these lessons apply to you? 

Whether you are trying to meet a goal, working on a project or caring for a loved one, if you’re putting forth an extended effort at something you will need to create a respite. Find time within your week to treat yourself to at least an hour of relaxation. The tasks you need to accomplish will still be there and you will come back to them with renewed energy.

There is bound to be something in your life you need to release. It could be worry, stress, anger or even an unattainable dream. Use visualization to let it go and see what you receive in return. For me it was patience. For you it may be a sense of calm, peace or a new insight.

I would love to hear ways you can Create a Respite and use Visualization in your life.

Wishing you the best, Roberta

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