Make a Loud Noise for Good!

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If you are like me you probably watch the local and national news at least once a day, read a newspaper, yahoo news, or some social media news outlet, and have an occasional chat with family about what’s happening in our world. (Although I’ll add here the best way to keep a family close is to ban political discussions at the dinner table!)

Violence and evil acts dominate the news. Civilian killings by Isis, terrorist threats, acts of physical and sexual abuse,child neglect…I don’t think I need to say more.

What can any of us do to change what’s happening?Recently I was reflecting on what I, one individual, a retired teacher, author, wife and mother with no political influence, what can I do about any of this? Then I started thinking about my family, neighbors and friends. What can any of us do? Nothing! But that did not sit well with me.

So, here are my thoughts on what individuals can do to fight the evil and violence in our world.

We fight it with goodness! Good deeds, kind words, random acts of kindness, intentional acts of kindness, positive thoughts and actions. And then Say It Out Loud–share the good that we’ve done, that we’ve seen or heard from others and be loud. We need to share our positive interactions, pictures, moments, on social media and in conversations with others.

By now you are thinking I’m really corny and out of touch. Maybe I am, but I believe we need to make a louder noise than the clamor of violence. Positive actions and thoughts are contagious. I am not naive enough to think that our individual acts of kindness are going to stop Isis. But I do believe the more proactive we are about sharing goodness, the greater the chance we will live in a less violent world.

I don’t even care if you do call me crazy. Just give it a go. Stop each day and do, say, think something positive. Let someone go ahead of you in the grocery line, bring a sick neighbor a meal, send a card to a friend who’s feeling down, help a struggling stranger, say hello to strangers you pass on the street, smile, ask a store clerk how their day is going…

When you are kind to others they remember it and perhaps the next time they see someone in need they will “pass it on.” And when you witness a kind deed or if someone has been kind to you, tell others.

Share the good news! Haven’t we heard enough of the bad?


Make a loud noise for good!

It isn’t going to end the violence but it certainly isn’t going to hurt. It can be our little individual effort to drown out the clamor of evil.

Please share your thoughts and stories here. I’d love to hear for you. Roberta


  1. Susie |

    You made me smile! I don’t think you’re corny, crazy or out of touch. I try to do this everyday as well and I have found that even if no one else seems to notice or think it makes a difference, the difference is in how positive I feel, and that, in my opinion…is what the world needs!