Say It Out Loud: The Back Story

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 Say It Out Loud: Revealing and Healing the Scars of Sexual Abusewas being written long before I ever dreamed of writing a book. It began as a series of journals kept during my six years in therapy for a childhood of sexual abuse. As my healing journey progressed I knew that one day I would use my experience to help other survivors—a bit of the “pass it on” philosophy.

I started by organizing the strategies I used to release anger, cope with depression, reveal memories and more. I had firsthand knowledge of the healing process from my own work in therapy and my candid journal entries authenticated each strategy.  I worked on this unique blend of memoir and how-to for six years, taking breaks from my writing for a few reasons, one being to learn how I could get this baby published.

And boy was I as naïve as a new born baby when I began exploring getting my book in print. Don’t I just find a publisher or two, send the manuscript out, and choose the best contract to sign? (It’s okay, you can laugh.)  After a stock pile of rejections from publishers and agents—I was told no one would take my prescriptive nonfiction because I wasn’t an “expert” in my subject matter (a blog topic itself,) I began exploring self-publishing.  My background is in education and my reason for writing Say It Out Loud is to help others on their healing journey, unlike others who always knew they wanted to be an author. The amount of autonomy required to self-publish was overwhelming.

Since I didn’t have a PhD in psychology, traditional publishing was out, and because I was scared to death of navigating alone through the steps of self-publishing, I couldn’t pursue that option either. I began to doubt that my book would ever be in the hands of other survivors. And then one day, as a member of She Writes, I clicked on She Writes Press. As long as they accepted my project, it sounded like the answer to my prayers—and it is!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with an amazing writing coach, Annie Tucker, my cover has been designed and I am well on my way to an October 7, 2014 release date.  I feel supported and blessed to be working with a great team at She Writes Press and my new publicist, Eva Zimmerman!

Stay tuned for a peak at the cover and a few excerpts from Say It Out Loud!


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