Shining Light Through the Boston Marathon

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Darkness cannot drive out darkness;

only light can do that.

Hate cannot drive out hate;

only love can do that.

-Martin Luther King, Jr

Monday April 15, 2013


I turned on the television hoping to catch a few minutes of the Dr. Oz Show. What I saw instead was the chaotic scene of marathoners, first responders, and spectators-some running towards, some running away from a smokey, blood stained scene. Then I heard reporters saying “the first explosion.., the second explosion…” I could barely make sense of what was happening but knew it was tragic.


Still glued to the television, sickened by the news of three deaths and the count of dismembered and injured people climbing to well over one hundred. I tried to convince myself that this was the act of one lunatic and not a terrorist attack.

Tuesday April 16, 2013


Television back on. Yes, this really did happen. One victim was only eight years old. And no, it did not appear to be the doings of a lone, crazy person.


The television never went off. The only change was which news channel we watched.

As the week progressed the conversation turned to our two daughters who lived in Cambridge less than one year ago and my friend’s family who were there at the finish line. What if? What if? And the television stayed on.

Friday April 20, 2013


Awoke to the news that the first suspect was dead, the other at large. One MIT Police officer was killed and another seriously wounded by the suspects.


Suspect #2 – CAPTURED.

It was a week of darkness in our country. Darkness with bursts of light shining through.

  • The heroic acts of the trained and untrained first responders putting their own lives second to saving the lives of others.
  • The doctors and nurses who worked endless hours repairing what seemed to be unrepairable wounds.
  • The law enforcement personnel who strategically worked round the clock until both suspects were identified and captured.
  • The unnamed heroes who did their part to assist the law and console the grieving.
  • Every denomination of faith that came together in prayer.

There were many shining lights breaking through the darkness of this week. Now it is our job to keep that light shining. During any mass tragedy, personal sadness or act of violence it is easy to slip into the darkness and stay there. How do we remain positive when we are sad, angry or hurting? It’s not easy, especially in our world today.

This week I had to say Martin Luther King’s quote over and over in my head to find some direction. It was Saturday, as I was driving to be with my daughter to try on her very first wedding gown, that I saw the light. At first I felt guilty for being so happy about the day we were about to share. Then I remembered that quote and knew that not only is it OK to be happy, we must  look to the good in our life. Focus on it, relish it, raise up the goodness and love we know exists. That is how we are going to overcome the darkness. That is how we take the power away from evil.

Drive out darkness with light! Drive out hate with love! Spend some time today, everyday, focusing on the goodness and love in your life. If we can all do that then light will prevail.

I’ve experienced my own personal darkness, but I live in the light. I’m healthy; physically and emotionally. I have an amazing family and friends who bring me laughter, pride, nurturing and love. Their light shines in me and through me.

What light is shining in and through you? Please share with me on this post. It will be contagious. Let’s drive out the darkness with our light!  Roberta

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