What Are Your Favorite Leftovers?

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In addition to Black Friday, the hottest topic the day after Thanksgiving is Leftovers. You know, the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, sweet potatoes, corn casserole and pie, pie and more pie! Where do you put them? When will you eat them? Who can you invite over so you don’t eat them all? and How soon can


Reflect Thankfullness

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  Every year, a day or so before Thanksgiving, I set aside time from cooking and cleaning to write a post, and every year the topic reflects thankfulness. This year my mind has been torn between wanting to respond to several disturbing items in the news and wanting to write about being thankful. The allegations of sexual assault against


What it Means to be Held

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Held This is what it means to be held, How it feels when the sacred is torn from your life And you survive This is what it is to be loved And to know that the promise was When everything fell we’d be Held. Sung by Natalie Grant               Lyrics by Christa Wells I rarely write


A Mother’s Love: How do You Rate?

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How would you rate yourself as a mom? Some women might say they are great mothers, always making the right decisions, saying the right things and having the perfect blend of nurturing and discipline. That’s probably one out of every 500,000 mothers speaking! I’m guessing most mothers would respond like this: I tried to be