When Life Gives You Lemons Make Lemonade

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One of the first things you learn in any writing workshop is to avoid using clichés. However, its very tempting isn’t it? Sometimes they say exactly what we are thinking and hey, they’re cute, funny and sometimes even sassy. One website, ClichéSite.com lists 95 clichés just beginning with the letter ‘A’ so as speakers and


A New Website and Other Challenges

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Welcome to my revised website and the host of my blog Write to Survive. Please check the RSS feed icon to receive new posts automatically. Designing a new website was one of many challenges in my life since Say It Out Loud evolved from a dream to a reality, and most of the challenges came with a


Inside the Author? Popcorn!

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Behind the book Say It Out Loud is a very crazy author! I’m forty-two days from my pub date, and nine days from my daughter’s wedding. I’ve taught children with special needs my whole life, but I never dreamed I’d be needing strategies for my own mind going haywire. I’m quite sure this is what ADD feels like.


Why Say It Out Loud?

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Fifteen weeks from today I’ll be preparing to attend the official launch of Say It Out Loud. Sounds like a long time, fifteen weeks, but putting it in perspective, it took almost eight years to complete this book, making the launch right around the corner. Leading up to that much anticipated day I’d like to