To Err is Human but Not Always Devine

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“To err is human.”  We all make mistakes. When we hear of a mistake someone else made we’re usually gracious to others, consoling even. But when we own the mistake? That’s another whole story. “To err is human” becomes “How the bleep did I do that!” If erring is a part of human nature why then am I completely turned


Goldilocks Didn’t Settle. Why Would You?

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  A recent set of events has left me thinking about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. You know the fairy tale–Papa Bear’s porridge was too hot, Mama Bear’s was too cold but Baby Bear’s porridge was just right! In search of a church for the winter months, Tim and I found three in our area. The first, an


Bumps in the Road

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Today I’m going to jump to the end of my book, Say It Out Loud, and share some thoughts on what I call bumps in the road. PART IV: Life What happens once the scars have been revealed and healed? Life.  The process of healing from any trauma is long and difficult, but eventually the


Be Not Afraid

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It has been a curious month for me. Every so often the phrase be not afraid streams through my mind. When it does I feel a settling of the fibers in my body much like when you open a vacuum sealed bag of coffee and the grounds settle into a softer state. I don’t know if


Don’t Ever Give Up

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In today’s post I’m reporting on some long awaited progress with my book, Say it Out Loud: Revealing and Healing the Scars of Sexual Abuse. There is a message in all of this that I’ll share at the end. For those who are new to my blog here’s a bit of backstory: 2007 – Retired


The Ongoing Journey for Survivors

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In chapter 12 of my book I write about the Ongoing Journey. Life is an ongoing journey for all of us but it does take on special characteristics for survivors of sexual abuse. In my September post I wrote about “old stuff” creeping back in and some strategies for dealing with that. Today I want to talk about