Finding the Silver Lining

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Stop It Now! Joe Paterno I never imagined I’d be talking about these two titles in the same post. Stop It Now! is a nonprofit group whose mission is to educate others on preventing child sexual abuse. I’ve referred to them many times over the years as one of the most informative and helpful groups


Gratitude Even After Abuse

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I’m feeling filled with gratitude today. When I first woke up I thought I would write a post on the Freeh report and my raging emotions surrounding the men who allowed Sandusky to continue abusing young boys. My heart breaks for the victims who would have been spared if he was stopped sooner. As my day unfolded I kept


Sandusky’s Victims: Numbers 1 through 8

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Their faces have been hidden from the cameras, their names replaced by numbers. Tactics used to keep their anonymity and protect their privacy.  I understand entirely but oh, how it breaks my heart. It makes them sound like objects and objects they were to a sick man using them for his own pleasure. That is