Getting It Right the First Time

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How often have you stressed about something because you misunderstood what you heard? If you’re upset about something you were told – ask questions – clarify – be sure you understand. Communicating thoughts and feelings is complicated. We don’t always get it right the first time. This was my post on Facebook recently. The thought


What Are Your Favorite Leftovers?

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In addition to Black Friday, the hottest topic the day after Thanksgiving is Leftovers. You know, the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, sweet potatoes, corn casserole and pie, pie and more pie! Where do you put them? When will you eat them? Who can you invite over so you don’t eat them all? and How soon can


National Literacy Month: Take the Challenge; Write a Letter

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September is recognized as National Literacy Month. What better time to talk about the power of the written word. From famous quotes, classic novels, poems and important documents the written word preserves creativity, history and progress. I’m a lover of words and quotes. I even share my favorite words in a monthly article, Sharing Words with Friends


Heeding Advice from Your “Best Friend”

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In June I began writing a monthly article for Ann Quasman’s Woman Talk Live. Her site is one of my favorites–an online community designed “To give women everywhere a bigger voice and a platform for growing, celebrating and living more fully.” The topics in Ann’s Conscious Conversations often hit home and aren’t always an easy hit but


To Err is Human but Not Always Devine

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“To err is human.”  We all make mistakes. When we hear of a mistake someone else made we’re usually gracious to others, consoling even. But when we own the mistake? That’s another whole story. “To err is human” becomes “How the bleep did I do that!” If erring is a part of human nature why then am I completely turned


Goldilocks Didn’t Settle. Why Would You?

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  A recent set of events has left me thinking about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. You know the fairy tale–Papa Bear’s porridge was too hot, Mama Bear’s was too cold but Baby Bear’s porridge was just right! In search of a church for the winter months, Tim and I found three in our area. The first, an


Family: Not by Blood Alone

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What makes a family a family? Some would stick with the traditional definition: persons closely related by blood. I refer to that as a biological family. For me family encompasses so much more, sometimes not including the “related by blood”component. The two elements I consider crucial to defining family are; unconditional love and emotional support. Unconditional love is


When Life Gives You Lemons Make Lemonade

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One of the first things you learn in any writing workshop is to avoid using clichés. However, its very tempting isn’t it? Sometimes they say exactly what we are thinking and hey, they’re cute, funny and sometimes even sassy. One website, Cliché lists 95 clichés just beginning with the letter ‘A’ so as speakers and


Inside the Author? Popcorn!

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Behind the book Say It Out Loud is a very crazy author! I’m forty-two days from my pub date, and nine days from my daughter’s wedding. I’ve taught children with special needs my whole life, but I never dreamed I’d be needing strategies for my own mind going haywire. I’m quite sure this is what ADD feels like.


Robin Williams: Through the Darkness

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If you are having thoughts of suicide call: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1.800.273.8255 This week we lost one of America’s favorite entertainers, Robin Williams. I always thought of him as silly, and I love when an adult can be silly. It makes everyone feel lighter, happier and able to put their own troubles aside for