Misconceptions About Child Sexual Abuse

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In recognition of Child Sexual Abuse Awareness month I’ve decided to shed some light on two common misconceptions and offer suggestions on how YOU can make a difference in the life of a child. Misconception #1 “If my child were being sexually abused they would tell me.” Most parents feel they have a close relationship


Erin’s Law: Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

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Recently we were visiting my uncle in Florida. His wife asked how the book was coming along, which led to a conversation about my past. My uncle, my father’s brother, explicitly expressed what he would have done to his brother had he known he was abusing me. It sounds like something any relative would say


“Perversion Files” Prevention

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Recently the Oregon Supreme Court ordered the Boy Scouts of America to release their “perversion files.” The documents sited more than 1,000 men and some women accused of sexually abusing scouts between 1959 and 1985. Some of the accused were forced to resign, some moved on to volunteer for other youth organizations but none were


Education: The Key to Ending Child Sexual Abuse

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For the past year I have been developing workshops and talks around the topic of sexual abuse and healing. Getting recognized through speaking engagements is a great way to enhance a platform for non-fiction writers. That has been one of my motivations. The other, my primary motivation, is to attract opportunities to spread the word