What Are Your Favorite Leftovers?

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In addition to Black Friday, the hottest topic the day after Thanksgiving is Leftovers. You know, the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, sweet potatoes, corn casserole and pie, pie and more pie! Where do you put them? When will you eat them? Who can you invite over so you don’t eat them all? and How soon can you simply throw them out?

My favorite leftover has nothing to do with food. It’s the leftover feeling I get from being surrounded by the people I love. Thanksgiving Day begins and ends with my dearest love, Tim. We share quiet time over morning coffee and quiet time in the evening chatting about the events of the day.

Sandwiched in between are the morning phone calls, or more likely texts, to and from friends who we won’t see this day. We exchange wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving and expressions of gratitude for our friendships. By noon the aroma of turkey greets our first arrival, usually one of our children armed to help. Within the hour the rest of our guests arrive and by 1:00 the festivities are in full swing.

As with most families,we eat, drink, laugh, discuss football, avoid discussing politics, take a walk or nap, and eat some more. We are a relatively small group, seven or eight, but we fill this house with warmth and love.

Today I’m sitting once again in my quiet house with the food packed away and dining room put back together. The laughter and chatter may be gone but the warmth and love were left behind for me to savor. I think about how fortunate we are to have adult children who enjoy being with us and friends who make our lives complete.

Each person’s life is like a piece of fabric. The indiviual threads, your people, are all woven together. For most of us, our fabric is like a hand woven piece of wool. Did you ever notice the little knobs or burrs within the weave? They represent the people along the way who have caused you harm or hurt feelings. Not the best part of your fabric but a part of the whole all the same.

Carole King’s song Tapestry has had many interpretations. This one resonates with my thoughts.

A wonderous woven magic in bits of blue and gold. 

The blue being sadness in life and the gold the bright moments.

gold tapestry

We all have some blue or burrs in our lives but don’t they make the gold stand out even brighter?  There’s no doubt for me. Because of my abusive parents – my burrs – I appreciate and relish the love of my own family and friends the greatest degree.

Today the gold threads are my favorite “leftovers.” They shine brighter than any burrs caught in my weave. I will savor their laughter, warmth and love long after the last piece of pie is gone.

This Thanksgiving weekend take a moment to think about your fabric. Be thankful for the gold threads that wrap you in warmth and love. They really are your best “leftovers.”

I’m so thankful for all of you who are woven in to my life. Roberta




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