What Offers Sweet Peace?

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There has been a long pause in my blog posts. Essentially I needed a break. As I was debating what direction to take with my book, working on promoting speaking engagements, and fighting the road blocks and rejections along the way, I ran out of steam. Drawn to the countless news reports of sexual abuse, including the Penn State scandal, I could not understand the disparity between the need for help for sexual abuse victims and the unwillingness to address that need by many in the public and publishing world.

I had a choice to make; give myself a respite from writing, promoting  and working at ending sexual abuse or give up, keeping my personal triumph over my abusers private.

One road is simple, acceptance of life, the other road offers sweet peace. When I made my decision my vision became my release.

-Dan Fogelburg

One of my favorite quotes, sited in my book when talking about the decision to face my abuse and get help. The quote was relevant once again to the decision I had to make. I could happily choose “acceptance” of my life. After all, I made it on my healing journey. I could put the past behind me now and never discuss it again. It would be easier and I could convince myself that I deserve to be at ease.

But what offers sweet peace? Sweet peace for me is knowing that other survivors of sexual abuse will find inspiration and help for healing. That childcare providers will learn the tools to end and prevent childhood sexual abuse. That the silence and shame of sexual abuse will be eradicated.

I have the knowledge, experience and means to aid in the realization of those goals.

  • My book, Say It Out Loud: Revealing and Healing the Scars of Sexual Abuse, offers inspiration and strategies for survivors.
  • My presentation, Stop It Now, Education is the Key, teaches the signs of child sexual abuse, how to report abuse and how to design a family plan to prevent abuse.
  • By sharing my experience of abuse and healing I am breaking the silence and  setting an example for others to do the same.

My choice is clear. There is no peace in taking the easy road. A respite was all I needed to refuel.

When I made my decision my vision became my release.

Consider me released and ready to tackle the task of helping survivors of abuse again. I may need another respite at some point but for now I am ready to move forward.

If you are working toward a personal goal and feeling tapped out, give this a try. Allow yourself a respite  to regain strength, courage and a vision for what will offer you ~

Sweet Peace! Roberta

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