Roberta’s professional credentials and personal experience equip her with the skills to speak candidly about two aspects of sexual abuse; healing and prevention. Her presentations, Say It Out Loud and Prepare~Protect~Prevent, are both educational and inspiring.

Learn how to navigate your healing journey withSpeaking Photo (#3)
Say It Out Loud

If you benefited from the strategies that supported Roberta’s healing journey in her book, Say It Out Loud, please consider supplementing your learning by inviting her to speak to your group in person. Roberta’s speaking platform—which includes readings from her book, an in-depth discussion of her own process for healing, and an interactive Q&A—is designed to educate everyone from therapists and social workers to book clubs, support groups, and anyone else interested in learning how to assist a survivor of abuse. Her openness and desire to help others through her experience make these discussions both productive and nurturing.

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Learn how you can help prevent child sexual abuse with
Prepare ~ Protect ~ Prevent

Roberta combines information from the internationally recognized organization Stop It Now! with her own personal experience as a survivor to educate parents, and all childcare providers, about childhood sexual abuse. In her one hour presentation, Prepare ~ Protect ~ Prevent, attendees will gain knowledge that can make a difference in the life of a child.


  • Learn why we need to be educated about child sexual abuse
  • Understand what is considered child sexual abuse
  • Recognize the symptoms of sexual abuse


  • Know the behaviors to watch for when adults are with children
  • Learn when, how, and where to report suspected abuse


  • Get tips on how to talk to children about sexual abuse
  • Develop a family safety plan

I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.

Sigmund Freud

In today’s society I suspect Freud would expand that to include all of the adults in a child’s life. We are all responsible for protecting children. Be prepared to protect our youth and prevent child sexual abuse.

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It was a special opportunity when Roberta spoke with two groups at Suncoast Center. She was able to give her perspective on how to talk about abuse and prevent it from happening. Roberta brings unique insight to the plight of sexual abuse victims. She is a passionate and moving speaker and helped our clinical staff to better understand how helpful they are to the individuals they see. It was our pleasure to be a part of this experience.

Lynda Wagner, LMHC, CAP
Director of Clinical Services
Suncoast Center, Inc.
St. Petersburg, FL

Roberta Dolan presented her program at the Meriden Public Library and I highly recommend it to any organization.

This is a topic that most want to avoid discussing, but thankfully Roberta is passionate about ‘saying it out loud’. She delivers information on recognizing when abuse is happening, and how to protect our children from experiencing abuse. She speaks professionally with conviction but not alarmism, and with just enough compassion to make any audience feel at ease.

After attending Roberta’s program, and in light of all the high profile cases of child sexual abuse in the news over the past years, I asked myself if any child would have to suffer if suspecting or knowing adults spoke out. The courage to take action can happen only if we all ‘say it out loud’ and Roberta Dolan is just the right person to show us how.

Karen Roesler, Director, Meriden Public Library


Dear Roberta, I want to thank you for a wonderful presentation and program this past Sunday. You have gifts that put everyone at ease and you handled it all like a real pro! Again – Thank you. We all need it—I need it. Education is the key!

Reverend Eric Henderson, First United Methodist Church


Roberta, This was so enlightening for me because I’ve been trying to talk about this subject for years. It’s no good talking about it after it happens. Thank you so much.



Thank you Roberta for sharing your personal story with us and sharing with us how to prevent our children or others from experiencing such a betrayal.


» If you are interested in having Roberta present Say It Out Loud or Prepare ~ Protect ~ Prevent, please get in touch through the Contact page.